Why using striker app?

Fantasy Games since the beginning until now:

On line fantasy leagues have been around for more than a decade. It has grown tremendously over the years, starting out as a community niche game and only for the most popular sports game: football, basketball and soccer. The initial operators of fantasy games were the largest sports portals. Today it has grown over to more sports such as baseball, cricket, hockey, and more. It has grown in recent years in straight line with technology, to become one of the most interactive ways for fans to connect with their favorite teams and players. Fantasy league gaming is on track to become a $20 billion industry by the year of 2020, because of its popularity crazed sports fanatics.

Striker Fantasy Games within the global market:

Striker fantasy games (SFG) was established in 2007. Right at the beginning it considered as a break-through in its kinds. Providing its users with advanced and refreshing user interface, that brings them the best and most advanced fantasy gaming system today. Our software is in constant developing & upgrading by our experiences development team. The operation team lives and breathes sports 24/7. All together works to provide our audience an extremely unique experience. SFG is 100% customized, and suitable to your brand, so it can be integrated with various elements such as sponsors, billing and defray, social networks and more.

SFG gives the audience an interactive experience with other managers, as well as the ability to win awesome prizes.

The system runs both on computers and mobile devices, along with live data making SFG suitable for all professional sports teams around the globe (Soccer premier league in England, Spain La Liga, European Champions league, FIFA world cup, NBA, FIBA Euro league, NFL and many others).  SFG is simple, fun and a great experience for all sports fanatics.

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Striker fantasy games for tablets - משחקי ליגת החלומות של סטרייקר לטאבלטים
Striker fantasy games for cell phones - משחקי ליגת החלומות של סטרייקר לטלפונים חכמים
Striker fantasy games for computers pc mac - משחקי ליגת החלומות של סטרייקר למחשבים פיסי ומקינטוש

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