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SFG engages users with all their favorite sports teams

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Striker Fantasy League Services

Striker Fantasy league Games provide a very unique gaming experience for our customers, giving them the ability to customize their own fantasy league, while building and designing all the features to their liking. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality application. Along with great customer service, so that they can sit back and enjoy the game! Want to hear more? Contact us now and our staff will be glad to help you.

Customer Service

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Live Data

Back Office

Defray services

Hosting Services

Target Audience

  • All kind and size of media press
  • Sports portal
  • Sports club
  • Sport professional associations and managements
  • Commercials companies
SFG is appointed to various of clients. Sports association and media are enjoying the most advantage platform, by implement SFG into their hosting website. Beside them, commercials companies who wants their audience to engage with their business Facebook page, and have the sport event added values among with that, both for short or long activity. Wants to hear more? Contact us now and our staff will be glad to help you.
Fantasy league games for sport club and proffesional teams - ליגת החלומות עבור מועדוני ספורט וקבוצות מקצועניות
Fantasy league facebook app for commercial - אפליקציית ליגת החלומות בדף פייסבוק עסקי ומסחרי
Fantasy league customize for sport and news portal - ליגת החלומות בהתאמה אישית לפורטלי ספורט וחדשות
Striker Fantasy League - Best fantasy app online - ליגת החלומות של סטרייקר הטובה ביותר ברשת

Our Technology

How does Striker Fantasy League gaming system implement on your platform: 

As a leader in the fantasy gaming industry, SFG uses the most advanced technology from Microsoft, Sun Java and more. The HTML5 technology provides users with the most advanced and modern interface, and still joyful.  In addition, SFG has special features such as drag & drop interface both for web and mobile devices, realistic jersey designs, playing fields, virtual scouting and much more. Our algorithms enable up to date evaluation of all players value and body features.

SFG is a modular and can be customize for any hosting platform, screen resolution and any device. Each module in our system can be implemented for customer demands.

Striker Fantasy league Games Categories

SFG is available for all major league sports. If we are missing one Contact us now and our staff will be glad to help you.







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