Classic Fantasy

Fantasy league games as you know it

The most popular amongst our users. Become the manager of your dream team! Choose your squad and lineup. Change formation and make substitutions, use the transfer windows to buy and sell players! Choose players based on their current fixture. Follow player growth with the virtual scouter and manage your team budget that reflect on your achievements. reach new goals, gain points and climb up the rank.

Fantasy league games, classic fantasy for all sport types - משחקי ליגת החלומות, משחק קלאסי עבור כל ענפי הספורט
Fantasy league games, daily fantasy game for all sport types - משחקי ליגת החלומות, משחק פנטזי יומי עבור כל ענפי הספורט

Daily Fantasy

Start a new contest every day

The most popular fantasy game in the world! Every day you have the ability to start from scratch! You make the decision which players will you build your team with to compete against other managers and which ones will stay off. Pile up the wins and become the first in rankings!

I Know The Score

Predict the games winning team and score

Fantasy league games is not what you’re looking for? Want more lighting game where the odds to win are equal? Are you sure you know sports better than anybody else? Are you confident that you know who will win the super-classic game? The closer you get to the real games scores, the more points you are awarded. You can double your guess and even insure one if you have doubts. In addition, there will be a special bonus for every LUCKY WEEK GAME.

Fantasy league games, I know the score game for all sport types - משחקי ליגת החלומות, משחק ניחוש תוצאות עבור כל ענפי הספורט
Fantasy league games, pirvate matchups games for all sport types - משחקי ליגת החלומות, ליגות פרטיות עבור כל ענפי הספורט

Private Matchup’s

Compete against individuals

Another way to play fantasy league games! The ranking table looks endless? Want to matchup against your friends and colleagues? Your high school buddies? Enter private matchups to compete with the users that you choose. Hold bragging rights amongst your friends this game is for you! You can start fresh at any point of the season